In today's hostile digital environment, the importance of securing your data and technology cannot be overstated. From customer assurance, liability mitigation, and even your own peace of mind, cyber security is needed now more than ever before.
That's why Secure Cyber Defense is here. Our team of security and risk analysts can provide custom solutions scaled to any size organization or budget. We continuously monitor your environment for anomalies using multiple data points from various tools to identify, cease, and prevent cyber threats. Traditionally serving organizations in the manufacturing, finance, law, health & pharma, civic, and defense markets, Secure Cyber Defense provides vulnerability assessments, intrusion prevention, and continuous monitoring services for business.

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DoD Compliance


The Secure Cyber Defense Compliance and Planning Engine, or CAPE, is our proprietary tool to support your organization in achieving compliance with the Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) DFARS requirement.

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Industries Served

While the important work that Secure Cyber Defense delivers every day has importance for all industries, our expertise is particularly beneficial for those in:


Finance Industry


Law Industry


Health Industry

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

DoD Industry

Department of Defense

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Secure Cyber Defense offers services, tools, and support for technology companies and consultants to provide to their clients. Explore options on how you can put our expertise to work now.

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