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Incident Response the First 48 Hours

When a company experiences a data breach, one critical mistake is not following their incident-response plan or worse yet not having a plan in place. The first 48 hours after the discovery of a data breach are critical, and preplanning allows many vital tasks to be put immediately into action. […]

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Cyber Insurance – An Essential Cybersecurity Tool

Cybersecurity insurance protects businesses against targeted attacks and even the occasional misplaced laptop containing confidential material. If your company has employees or handles sensitive client information, you are vulnerable. The best cyber insurance strategy takes a three-pronged approach: prevent, detect, and mitigate risk. This includes educating all levels of the […]

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Protecting Your Computer From Ransomware.

How does one protect their own computers and information from ransomware and malware? Shawn Waldman, founder of Secure Cyber Defense, provides the best tips for personal and business computers.