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Third-Party Suppliers Create Opportunities With Updated Cybersecurity

Third-party and supply chain partners are often the weak link in cybersecurity programs. With weaker security measures, supply chain partners are a favorite target of attackers to gain access to larger organizations. Because of this vulnerability, larger organizations are instituting more comprehensive cybersecurity requirements for all third-party suppliers.  According to […]

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Ransomware Attacks Increase at Alarming Rate

Ransomware attacks have more than doubled this year. This increase is particularly concerning as Cybercriminals turn to powerful new forms of file-locking malware and destructive system tactics to conduct attacks that are more lucrative than ever before. Ransomware has grown to be one of the biggest problems on the web. […]

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Fully Integrate Cybersecurity Approach to Close Your Cybersecurity Gaps

“At Secure Cyber Defense, we prefer to examine the entire cybersecurity landscape.  Before examining systems and hardware, first and foremost organizations need a fundamental understanding of the cybersecurity risks to their systems, equipment, data, and networks,” says CEO Shawn Waldman. Understanding the business’ structure, compliance requirements, the resources that support […]

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Secure Cyber Defense Addresses Equifax Breach

In response to the recent Equifax data breach and its $700 million settlement, The Dayton Daily News spoke with Secure Cyber Defense CEO Shawn Waldman. Waldman share his insights about the impact of the breach and steps consumers should take to protect their finances and the security of their identities […]

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Protecting Your Computer From Ransomware.

How does one protect their own computers and information from ransomware and malware? Shawn Waldman, founder of Secure Cyber Defense, provides the best tips for personal and business computers.