Shawn Waldman

“I want your company to think of us
as the cyber cop on your block.”

I’ve always felt a strong instinct to protect good people from bad things. So it was natural for me to join law enforcement 20 years ago as a cop. Before long, thanks to having a strong technical knack, I was assigned to install and program the department’s in-car computers, as well as train the other officers. I quickly saw what a powerful tool that high tech can be and I plunged right in.

Computers became a major passion.

Throughout the 2000’s, I worked full time in Information Technology, both within police agencies and on the outside. I went to school to learn networking and how to implement security measures like firewalls and anti-virus software.

Then came a major opportunity.

In 2009, I was hired as the IT Director for the Montgomery County’s Sheriff’s Office in Dayton. As I rebuilt their IT network, I got the bug to focus more and more on cyber security in general. It was fast becoming the major threat that it is today.

I began to create programs of my own.

In 2011, I developed a unique training program for a company in Northeast Ohio called LEOTTA ( to educate personnel on FBI and state compliance. I was also entrusted to perform a rigorous Cyber Security Assessment throughout northeast Ohio.

I saw how a lot of companies dealt with cyber threats:

Clearly, smaller businesses can’t afford to hire expensive cyber-security firms the way big companies can.

Shawn Waldman, Founder, Secure Cyber Defense

Many just hope that they’re somehow under the radar and that hackers won’t bother them. But the reality is, no company is safe from an attack–in fact, many attacks.

What’s more, most companies go out of business after a large-scale attack because they simply don’t have the ability to properly recover.

I resolved to give small to mid-sized businessesa level of cyber security that no one else offers. I’m local, I can respond quickly and I’ve created the only company in existence that combines federal cyber-security best practices with the profiles of active cyber attacks being tracked by the FBI and current industry compliance

Result: my one-of-a-kind, 40-point Control Test Set for IT Security. (For more details, please click here.)

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“I won’t step on anyone’s toes.”

I realize that some companies have their own IT departments, Secure Cyber Defense offers the option of conducting assessments and then turning the discovery back to your team to be implemented. We also offer “done for you” programs as well.

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