Cybersecurity starts at the top.

Today’s businesses require leaders and board members who are aware of the threat cybersecurity attacks present to their companies. The GoCyber Center was created to enhance company leaders and board member’s cyber knowledge and awareness to prepare themselves and their companies to respond to cyberattacks.

The state-of-the-art GoCyber training center allows executives to network with their peers while learning about best in class approaches from the GoCyber! Instructors. Our instructors have been involved in cybersecurity for a combined 50 years and believe that education is the first critical step to protecting and organizations’ data from a growing list of cyberthreats.

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Hands-on Executive Learning Includes:

  • Reviewing recent cyberattack case studies
  • Understanding the fundamentals of common cyberthreats
  • Managing a network of third-party companies
  • Critical partners to have in place
  • Working with law enforcement and insurance providers
  • Compliance requirements
  • The challenges of cloud computing
  • Incident Response Planning