Protection for Cryptolocker 4.0

I commented on LinkedIn today regarding a variant of Cryptolocker that was making its way into the wild. This new variant is packing some serious features and is a huge threat to consumers and organizations of any size.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about how to stop this type of virus from making its way into your organization or into your home. Please be aware that the steps below are not necessarily all-inclusive and certainly doesn’t guarantee anything as nothing in the cyber world is solid to slap a 100% guarantee on it.

#1) Backups – You’ve heard this before, but please make sure you have a solid cloud backup solution in place and that it’s tested.

#2) Updates – Install not only the Microsoft Updates, but be sure that all 3rd party applications are updated as well (Adobe, Java etc). This new variant specifically takes advantage of 3rd party applications that haven’t been patched. There is a very high probability that you have an out of date application on your computer right now.

#3) 2 Factor Authentication – This new variant will also steal the passwords from your PC and send them to the hackers. The only way to ensure that your logins aren’t compromised is to enable 2 factor authentication on any site that has it available.

#4) Firewall – Corporate users need to insure that you have a enterprise grade next generation firewall. Most importantly, make sure you have a company managing and monitoring your firewall at all times.

#5) Intrusion Detection – Also for corporate users, be sure and deploy some sort of intrusion detection technology to intercept the traffic destined for the hackers if for some reason cryptolocker was to make it inside your organization.

This stuff isn’t anything to mess with. Some of our clients have had this get into their environment but due to the protection features we’ve deployed inside the company, it was never able to activate.

Please, if you think even for a moment that your vulnerable, please contact is immediately for a rush assessment.

We can be reached 24/7/365 at info at or 937-388-four four zero five

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