Secure IT Consultants

Secure Cyber Defense, LLC is an IT service company that provides secure IT consulting in today’s cyber warfare world. You can find IT providers all over to service your company and provide consultative assistance, but finding a company that does that with a cyber-security base is rare. With over 40 years of combined experience, Secure Cyber Defense offers a premier set of IT services for any size organization.
Below you will find the (4) pillars to our services offering. Secure Cyber Defense delivers these services directly and not through contracted staff. You will interact with fully badged and background checked employees from the company direct.

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  • Managed Cyber Security Services

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Cyber Roadmap

  • Cyber Security Consulting

Managed Cyber Security Services


Secure Cyber Defense, LLC partners with the best in software and hardware security products so we can bring our clients best in class solutions.
Additionally, we are considered a Secure Managed Services Provider (SMSP) providing managed services in the security and non-security space to a variety of client bases. Here is an example of the services we offer in this space.

Compliance as a Service

Asset Discovery

Behavioral Monitoring

Managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Solutions

Managed Network Monitoring

SECDEF Server (Security Defense)

Intrusion Detection

Forensic Logging

Vulnerability Scanning

Security Incident Event Management

Backup and Recovery

Microsoft / 3rd Party Patching

Security Awareness Training


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We have been providing IT security solutions for clients of all sizes
for years and you will never read about any of them in the papers
because of a security breach. It doesn’t happen on our watch.

Vulnerability Scanning

One of the most important parts to any IT security program is a constant vulnerability scan. This is NOT a penetration test, but more of a scan inside and outside of the network that will make you aware of the many documented vulnerabilities that could be affecting your network or software.

Key Benefits

Reduce the attack surface
–  Prevents attacks by identifying vulnerabilities that need to be addressed

–  Meets the widest range of compliance and regulatory standards

Constantly updated
–  New content continually being added. New vulnerabilities are automatically loaded and used on the next scan.

Detect & Assess

Report & Take Action

Scan as a Service

Cyber Roadmap

Most organizations don’t have any idea where to start with their security program and this is a perfect place to begin. With over 40 years combined experience among SCD staff, our assessors will help put a security roadmap together that you can use to formulate your plan. Our very proprietary way of doing the roadmap includes a 40 point inspection of your IT environment. The 40 points are the result of the combined experience from law enforcement, Federal Government and other industry best practices. Your environment will get a thorough review and a very comprehensive report that will follow. Here is what is included with the roadmap service:

Incident Response Planning

Security Awareness Training

Vulnerability Scanning

NIST 800-171 Compliance for Government Contracts

In-Depth Evaluation of Cyber Security Foundation

In-Person Results

Cyber Security Consulting

Secure Cyber Defense staff can meet many of your IT consulting needs and provide a cybersecurity focused solution. You can find many IT consultants to serve your needs, but can you find a consultant company that will provide you with recommendations and solutions that are 100% security focused?

We humbly think not.


Services are available on-demand for your convenience

Consultant Training

Our consultants are constantly trained on the latest software and hardware solutions as well as industry best practices. We think it’s vital our consultants stay sharp with the latest technology through aggressive professional development.

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