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Secure Cyber Defense provides cyber security consulting to protect against today’s perilous cyber threats. While there are plenty of providers to support your technology, finding one that focuses on cyber security is rare. With decades of cyber security experience, the Secure Cyber Defense team offers a premier set of services, customized for organizations of any size.

Secure Cyber Defense provides Managed Cyber Security, Cyber Roadmapping, Security Consulting, and Compliance Assistance. These services are delivered directly to you by our own expert cyber security team.

Put cyber experts on your team today.

Managed Services

Secure Cyber Defense leverages Unified Threat Management to provide defense in-depth across customer networks for multiple security and networking functions. This approach supplies businesses with multiple levels of security to protect infrastructure against today’s sophisticated and targeted attacks. Distinct advantages of this approach include:

  • Integration with our Cyber Intelligence Center that is monitored by our team of cyber security experts.
  • Intrusion prevention technology to protect from cyber threats like botnets, ransomware, phishing, deep packet inspection, and others.
  • Integrated endpoint, sandboxing, and other security functions with central management.
  • Consolidated networking and security simplifies IT across wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Sensitive data exfiltration controls, automated updates against network-based threats, and a comprehensive intelligence feed providing the latest in the ever-changing threat landscape. Flexible policies enable full control of attack detection methods for complex security applications and provide resistance to evasion techniques proven by NSS Labs.
SECDEF Managed Firewall
SECDEF Firewalls are fully managed and monitored by cyber security professionals who are trained to respond to the latest cyber threats. Security features include antivirus, web filtering, application control, IP reputation, antibotnet security, and Intrusion Prevention System. This service integrates with our Cyber Intelligence Center and provides continuous health checks and weekly reports to the customer. Our best-in-class service offers an added layer of protection with SECDEF Analyzer and Indicator of Compromise provide automated breach defense system that continuously monitors your network for attacks, vulnerabilities, and persistent threats.

These premium features guard sensitive customer data; defend against fraudulent access, malware, and breaches; and collect, analyze and correlate log data from your network. By analyzing network traffic, evaluating security parameters and using global intelligence, your risks are minimized and more rapidly eradicated. Customers are provided executive security summary reports each week, which include high-level snapshots of network risks and top attackers. Our SECDEF Manager feature allows for customization of our next generation firewalls that provide centralized control, configuration backup, management.

SECDEF Security Delivery Service (SDS)
SECDEF SDS is our security, network assessment, and monitoring service, offered at two levels: Advanced and Premium. The Advanced Suite:

Protects and monitors for potential policy violations Alerts when new network devices are added Notifies of unauthorized login attempts Provides weekly and monthly risk reports SECDEF SDS Advanced will provide top notch situational awareness of the network security posture as well as prompt alerting of unauthorized activity.

The Premium Suite includes all the features of the Advanced Suite plus:

Missing vulnerability patch detection Alerts for unauthorized connections Notification of suspicious logons Access to systems designated, e.g. IT- or Accounting-only This enhanced monitoring provides for more robust risk reporting as well as greater insight into possible network violations.

SECDEF Endpoint Protection
Integrated with your next generation firewall, SECDEF Endpoint Protection provides automated threat protection against zero-day attacks, which target applications that contain undiscovered or unpatched vulnerabilities. Unlike traditional antivirus, our product does not rely on signatures. 

This integration also allows for compliance enforcement which means hosts will be scanned to identify and remediate vulnerable or compromised hosts, as well as verify security patch status and antivirus health prior to allowing access to the network. This cutting-edge antivirus software shields web browsers, Java/Flash plug-ins, Microsoft Office applications, PDF Reader, and detects and blocks the use of exploit kits. With features like telemetry and our enterprise management service, endpoint can be quarantined to quickly disconnect a compromised endpoint from the network and stop it from infecting other assets.

SECDEF Server Backup provides off-site backup of Windows/Mac server, including disks, partitions, and data of either physical or virtual devices. As a top-20 CIS Critical Control, backup is a foundational element for any secure network implementation. This fast and flexible disaster recovery option ensures the availability of data following virtually any incident. Our solution provides real-time automated disk backup, disk imaging, file-level backup and bare-metal restore for Windows & Mac servers. Unlike file-based-only products, this solution creates an image of the entire system state – giving administrators the framework to completely rebuild a downed system in less than an hour.

Cost-effective offsite cloud backup Fully automated, real-time backup of disks, partitions, servers, data and more Fast and easy disaster recoveries Windows and Mac OS backups from any device Back up entire servers to ISO to recover them instantly, or backup volumes, directories, and individual files for more specific, efficient protection.

SECDEF Network Monitoring
SECDEF Network Monitoring provides a complete map of physical and logical topologies that enables administrators to quickly find and visually isolate any part of a network as well as understand how everything is connected.

Saves and archives network device configurations Rapid recovery from device loss Inventory and monitor your services Gain relevant and actionable information tailored to each of your devices.

SECDEF Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
Whether part of a firewall solution or a separate standalone appliance, SECDEF Intrusion Prevention System technology is becoming an increasingly ubiquitous part of network security defenses. IPS tech has evolved for more than ten years, growing to become a high-performance add-on to our already reliable firewalls. The Intrusion Prevention System with application control includes deep inspection for advanced threats, botnets, zero days and targeted attacks on the network as well as independent third-party validation to demonstrate superior detection and best price performance. The innovative security processor (SPU) technology allows for high-performance network throughput and deep security inspection, automated updates for latest defenses against network-based threats, and a comprehensive IPS library with thousands of signatures. Flexible policies enable full control of attack detection methods to suit complex security applications and resistance to evasion techniques proven by NSS Labs. The web filtering module is the first line of defense against web-based attacks and is the only service that is Virus Bulletin certified for security effectiveness. Other features include cross-site scripting and SQL injection and controls for sensitive data exfiltration, and cloud sandboxing.

SECDEF Vulnerability Scanning
Ongoing vulnerability scanning offers continuous insight into the systems on your network that could be exploited. SECDEF Vulnerability Scanning scans your network on a predetermined cadence to identify missing security patches and known hardware/software vulnerabilities. Detailed reports display security holes and warnings and informational items including CVSS scores as scanned from inside the target network. The reports can be used as part of a vulnerability management program to mitigate and remediate known vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Closing internal vulnerabilities helps prevent external attackers and internal users from exploiting weaknesses typically protected by external firewalls. Reports can be delivered to the customer to coincide with the scanning schedule.

SECDEF System Management
SECDEF System Management provides a daily hardware and software inventory using a custom software agent installed on each system. Scheduled reports can be generated and provided to include full inventory and highlighted changes.

SECDEF Software Management
SECDEF Software Management provides real-time patch status visibility for all organizational systems, whether networked or remote. Custom software policies are developed and enforced ensuring all systems are patched in a timely manner with the minimum required security software updates.

Real-time patch status and rapid remediation of installation issues Monitoring and updates of core third-party products Tiered support for more advanced troubleshooting Core third party products are monitored and updated to the latest version upon scheduled release Weekly reports

Security Consulting

Cyber Assessment
The team at Secure Cyber Defense has taken their 50+ years of experience and created a proprietary assessment product to help organizations understand their cyber security posture. With its foundation based on models from the Center for Internet Security and the National Institute of Standards & Technology, our experts can identify gaps in current environments and recommend remediation. We can also provide guidance toward meeting specific standards for organizations subject to specific regulations, such as DoD, SEC, FINRA, PCI, or HIPAA.

After engaging with the key stakeholders in your organization, our team will have a comprehensive understanding of how your business operates. This elite service provides C-level executives guidance on where to invest valuable resources to make their organizations more secure. Whether conducted onsite or remotely, at the completion of Cyber Assessment the customer will have a guide to achieving a more secure environment. Regardless of size, location, or complexity, the Cyber Roadmap will be the game plan for your organization moving their forward.

SECDEF Penetration Testing
Secure Cyber Defense evaluates the security of IT infrastructure by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may exist in operating systems, services and application flaws, improper configurations, or risky end-user behavior. This assessment will also inform the customer on the success of current security protocols and evaluate conformance to current security policies.

Our team uses manual and automated technologies to systematically compromise potential points of exposure within customer environments. Should vulnerabilities be located and/or exploited, our team will assess how far into your organization they can get.

A detailed report is provided, highlighting the actions performed by our team, what they were able to access, and areas that remained inaccessible. This information can be used so managers can make strategic conclusions and prioritize related remediation efforts.

Cyber Security Consulting
Our team of experts is always available to assist with your cyber security needs. Our years of experience and diverse backgrounds provide an excellent foundation to answer any of your cyber security related questions.

DoD Compliance

For companies that conduct business for the Department of Defense (DoD) and processes Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), Secure Cyber Defense can help with compliance of NIST 800.171-Defense Acquisition Regulations System (DFARS). We have spent over two decades maneuvering in this complex environment and have developed solutions to help companies meet these standards. Regardless of your company’s size, location, or complexity we can provide guidance to attest to providing adequate security on all covered contract information systems.    

For companies that are comfortable leading the project toward compliance on their own, we offer Secure Cyber Defense’s Compliance and Planning Engine (CAPE). It makes developing your System Security Plan and Plan of Action and Milestones easy enough to complete in two to eight hours. Should you require help as you progress, Secure Cyber Defense is available to lend a hand.

Whether utilizing Secure Cyber Defense's consultants or our CAPE tool, you will receive:

A report detailing the status of compliance with each standard and recommendations for compliance for any standards that are not met Templates for an Incident Response Plan, Maintenance Log, Visitor Log, Media Control Log, Mobile Device Acceptable Use Policy, and Risk Assessment, all required for compliance The company’s System Security Plan, required for compliance The company’s Plan of Action & Milestones (POAM) to detail the steps being taken to achieve compliance

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