Expert Cyber Security

Secure Cyber Defense provides cyber security consulting to protect against today’s perilous cyber threats. While there are plenty of providers to support your technology, finding one that focuses on cyber security is rare. With decades of cyber security experience, the Secure Cyber Defense team offers a premier set of services, customized for organizations of any size.

Secure Cyber Defense provides Managed Cyber Security, Cyber Roadmapping, Security Consulting, and Compliance Assistance. These services are delivered directly to you by our own expert cyber security team.

Put cyber experts on your team today.

DoD Compliance

For companies that conduct business for the Department of Defense (DoD) and processes Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), Secure Cyber Defense can help with compliance of NIST 800.171-Defense Acquisition Regulations System (DFARS). We have spent over two decades maneuvering in this complex environment and have developed solutions to help companies meet these standards. Regardless of your company’s size, location, or complexity we can provide guidance to attest to providing adequate security on all covered contract information systems.    

For companies that are comfortable leading the project toward compliance on their own, we offer Secure Cyber Defense’s Compliance and Planning Engine (CAPE). It makes developing your System Security Plan and Plan of Action and Milestones easy enough to complete in two to eight hours. Should you require help as you progress, Secure Cyber Defense is available to lend a hand.

Whether utilizing Secure Cyber Defense's consultants or our CAPE tool, you will receive:

A report detailing the status of compliance with each standard and recommendations for compliance for any standards that are not met Templates for an Incident Response Plan, Maintenance Log, Visitor Log, Media Control Log, Mobile Device Acceptable Use Policy, and Risk Assessment, all required for compliance The company’s System Security Plan, required for compliance The company’s Plan of Action & Milestones (POAM) to detail the steps being taken to achieve compliance