Security Consulting

Secure Cyber Defense provides cybersecurity consulting to advise companies on how to protect themselves against today’s perilous cyber threats. While there are plenty of providers to support your technology, finding one that focuses specifically on cybersecurity is rare. With decades of cybersecurity experience, the Secure Cyber Defense team offers a premier set of security consulting services, customized for organizations of any size.


Cyber Assessment

Secure Cyber Defense has taken their experience and created a proprietary assessment process to help organizations have a clear picture of their cybersecurity posture. Our assessment identifies gaps in current environments and provides recommendations for remediation. We can also provide guidance toward meeting specific standards for organizations subject to specific regulations, such as DoD, SEC, FINRA, PCI, HIPAA, or GDPR.

After engaging with the key stakeholders in your organization, our team will have a comprehensive understanding of how your business operates. This elite service provides decision-makers with guidance on where to invest valuable resources to make their organizations more secure and minimize their legal and financial risk. Whether conducted onsite or remotely, at the completion of aCyber Assessment the customer will have a guide to achieving a more secure environment. Regardless of size, location, or complexity, the Cyber Roadmap will be the game plan for your organization moving their forward.

Security Consulting

Our cybersecurity experts bring a high level of diverse experience allowing us to provide guidance to organizations, regardless of industry and/or size, key information on the latest cyber security threat landscape and how to address enterprise-wide security concerns including, but not limited to, hardware, software, and data protection compliance issues.