Shawn Walker

“I believe the business world
has room for principles and integrity.”

In fact, values like those can actually inspire better performance and generate stronger long-term results for a company.

When Shawn Waldman asked me to join Secure Cyber Defense, I jumped at the chance. First of all, I was excited that, as a team, we could do so much to protect businesses from the devastation of lethal cyber attacks.

What’s more, I already felt a close connection with Shawn, especially how he lives his faith. We believe wholeheartedly that it should guide every action we take in serving our clients which translates ultimately to a caring approach and deliberate commitment to excellence in everything we do.

We’ve seen how horrific a major computer hack can be. Companies have always been vulnerable to threats, from costly litigation to unfair competition to whatever.

But in today’s world, one cyber attack can make all these other threats pale in comparison. It can literally put you out of business and your employees out of their jobs–basically, overnight.

Our 40-point Control Test for Cyber Security is your answer, plain and simple. There’s nothing else out there that is as comprehensive and effective, especially for businesses with a smaller

We want your IT people to see us as allies, not adversaries.

Whether you have an in-house IT operation or rely on outside sources, we want them to be reassured that we wouldn’t be doing anything to intrude on their turf.

In fact, our purpose is to uplift and empower them by providing an objective assessment from the outside–recommendations that they can implement any part of that they choose.

Also, we’re happy to collaborate with your IT people and involve them in the process. We want them to learn from our methods and experience in order to expand their skill sets and work smarter, not harder.

Shawn Walker Secure Cyber Defense

I’ve been a computer geek since 1999.

That’s when I got involved with the cyber world in the Air Force, starting in a Help Desk capacity.

I went on to write computer security packages as well as software for security patching. Later, I was entrusted with running a network control center as a Master Sergeant monitoring 20,000 computers.

Subsequently, I was made a Superintendent of Network Administration for 9 Air Force bases, managing 127 people. And, for the past 5 years, I served as an Information Systems Security Officer for various secret networks.

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